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Our list of winners for Quiz #12 was very low - perhaps our readers have been on vacation - or maybe this quiz was too hard? Rob Novak, Director of the Derby Historical Society, provided this location quiz and bonus question. The site is actually the intersection of Seymour Avenue and Caroline/Water Streets. You would get this same view today if you stood on the steps of the Derby Public Library looking over towards Irving School. Of course, in this picture there was no Irving School. the rather imposing house in the center of the photo was actually known as "Greystone" and it belonged to Edward Nelson Shelton. Yes, that Edward Nelson Shelton. He was the president of the Ousatonic Water Company, but he is better known because the present day city of Shelton is named after him. When the Ousatonic Dam was opened and cheap water power created a thriving manufacturing industry on the other side of the Housatonic River, that area of town came to be known as Shelton!

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Our list of winners includes:

Maria and Paul Blackwell
Ed Cotter
C.F. Douglass
MarcAnthony Izzo

Each of the winners located the intersection and the name of the house, but no one knew who lived there!

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