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Quiz #15 proved to be particularly elusive despite the fact that so many Derby residents passed through this building at one time or another. It is the old Derby High School! The building pictured above was actually a home on Minerva Street and the high school was built to the left side of the house. In time, the house was demolished and replaced by an addition to the high school that served as the right wind of the school. A third addition included an auditorium and a gymansium.

Minerva Street housed the high school until a new building was constructed on Nutmeg Avenue in 1969. The old building was then put to use as the Derby Middle School and finally Lincoln School. Abandoned and boarded up for number of years, the old building has deteriorated badly.

However, the old building is about to get a new life as renovations are slated to begin in 2004 to turn the building into 32 senior apartments. The gym and auditorium will be demolished, but the rest of the old L-shaped high school will be coming back to life. Maybe we will even see some former DHS students coming back as well!!

Correct answers for this very early quiz were received from Randy Ritter and Ed Cotter.

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