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O'Sullivan's Island Now

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O'Sullivan's Island looks quite different from this earlier time when the island flourished as a place of leisure and entertainment for the people of Derby. Now overgrown with brush, it isn't even an island anymore! Land fill over the years have connected it to the rest of Derby. It is still a favorite spot for fishermen and also houses a training center for Valley firemen.

The future is looking up however. The site is being studied as part of the Brownsfields initiatives and cleanup is in the cards for the future. Though the area is prone to flooding it could be a great site for recreation. The city is studying the site as a terminus point for a proposed greenway along the Naugatuck River which could extend as far north as Seymour and beyond.

Correct answers were received from Clarence Douglass, Randy Ritter, Tom Chebro, David Lenart and Andrew Detullio.

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