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Picture courtesy of the Derby Neck Library

Quite a few people recognized the Water Fountain that was located on the corner of the Derby Green. If you look carefully, you will notice the Second Congregational Church on the left side of the picture running along Elizabeth Street. the fountain was located on the corner of Elizabeth and Fourth Streets. Fourth Street is no longer there having been replaced by the Plaza on the Green years ago. Several people identified the fountain as the Yudkin Fountain.

Correct answers already received from Andrew Detullio, Kimberley Shelton, C.F.Douglass, Randy Ritter, Marc Garofalo, Pablo Barriga, Marc Weissman, Tom Chebro, Jaime Barriga, Maria & Paul Blackwell, Eileen Krugel, Eileen Lenart, Paul Comkowycz, Walt Mayhew, and Wasso Smolie.

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