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Griffin Hospital has been taking care of people in Derby and throughout the Valley since it opened its doors in 1909. It was actually incorporated in 1901 as the Derby Hospital. Click here to visit the Griffin Hospital website - a model hospital for patient friendly medical care.

The following people knew that this early structure continues today as Griffin Hospital.

Correct answers have already been received from: Pat Shelton, Ellen Lenart, Randy Ritter, C.F.Douglass, Lee Williamson, Paul C. Varsanik Jr., Markanthony Izzo, Rick Dunne, Marsha Pettengill, Maria Blackwell, Mayor Marc Garofalo, Kimberly Shelton and Andrew DeTullio.

Only Garofalo, Dunner, Douglas and Lenart knew that it opened in 1909. Ellen also knew that it had been incorporated in 1901 as Derby Hospital.

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