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The Recreation Camp on the Housatonic River has been a welcome summer site for Derby's children and adults since 1917. The picture above was taken in the early 1950's. If you look carefully, you can see a tower on one side of the raft and a diving board on the other side.

The raft was a special part of "Rec" life as you were not allowed to go to the raft until you had passed the "test." An appearance on the raft was like a rite of passage for children attending the camp. Rest assured that the test and the raft are still a part of life at the Rec today. However, the tower and the raft are long gone because of safety and insurance concerns. Click here to go to the Recreation Camp's home page.

The picture stirred memories from many former "Rec-ers" who sent in the correct answer to the quiz. Though we gave credit anyway, the correct name is not Derby Recreation Camp. Derby is not part of the name and the Camp is not part of the city's recreation program. It has it's own board of directors and is privately incorporated. It is open to all Valley residents, and receives the bulk of its funding from Valley United Way.

Correct answers were received from: C. F. Douglass, Marsha Pettingill, Kim Shelton, Patricia Shelton, Ellen Lenart, Randy Ritter, Daniel Ortiz, John Millea, Bernard Williamson, Paul Varsanik Jr.and Bob Ritter. Interestingly, almost all were swimmers at the Rec at some time during their lives!

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