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The picture above represents an important part of Derby's infrastructure from days gone by that is still in existence today. Located along Roosevelt Drive you can find the remnants of a canal system created at the same time that the Ousatonic Dam was built in 1870. The canals were designed to provide water to the burgeoning manufacturing sites that sprang up to take advantage of the dam and the water supply. There was a much longer canal system built on the Shelton side of the river.

The picture above shows water flowing over the dam at the eastern end of the canal and then through a culvert under Roosevelt Drive back into the Housatonic River. Route 34 Most people have probably driven right by without noticing it, yet the following people were able to identify it:

F. Carey, Dave Lenart, C.F.Douglass, Markanthony Izzo, Bruce and Marsha Pettengill, Rick Dunne, and Randy Ritter.

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