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William J. Riordan

Derby is certainly a melting pot of many nationalities that have left their mark on the city's rich history, and the Irish have certainly played their part. Many of the city's earliest mayors including the first, Dr. Thomas O'Sullivan in 1893, claimed Irish ancestry. However, William J. Riordan who served as mayor from 1928 to 1934 was actually born in Limerick, Ireland and did not arrive in America until he was nine years old. He holds the distinction of being Derby's first "immigrant" mayor. Derby's first mayor, Dr. Thomas J. O'Sullivan, was also of Irish descent, but he was born in the US.

Correct answers were received from: Paul Blackwell, Mayor Marc Garofalo, Ronald M. Sill, Marsha Pettingill, Randy Ritter, Sal and Joanne Onofrio, Gene Wajdowicz, Mary Lou Boroski, and Henry Wajdowicz.

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