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Once known as Sugar Street, the road pictured above is also known today as Roosevelt Drive or Rt. 34. Some also call it by another old and popular name - River Road. Dave Petz pointed out that the segment of the road once known as Sugar Street ran along the river, and was eventually flooded when the Ousatonic Dam was built. Marsha Pettingill had a sharp eye and pointed out that the picture is in the area of Pink House Cove and that it was once lined with pink and white dogwood trees.

The road was recently proposed for National Scenic Highway status. Read more about that and the history of the road by clicking here.

Answers to this quiz came from all over the country including Texas, Missouri, Washington, New Hampshire, Vermont, Kentucky, Georgia and Massachusetts. Correct answers were received from: Joan McCabe, Henry Wajdowicz, Marty Gilloren , Brian McMahon, Brienne Lenart, Rich Scaife, Ken Dupke, Bonnie Berman, Tom Comkowycz, Carolyn Nowakowski Kovach, John Marganski, Mary Lou Boroski, Tom Glennon, Eileen Henri, Pat Dimon, Marsha Pettingill, Rosalie Cota, Dave Petz, Robert Hyder, Clarence Douglass, Seann ?, Jim Bartlett, Justin Henri, Ann Searles, John Rak, and Markanthony Izzo as well as a couple of anonymous entrants.

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