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Despite the fact that the building has been closed to the public for more than 30 years, we could not hide the posters pictured above from our intrepid quiz takers. As they correctly pointed out, the posters can be found in the Sterling Opera House. How so many people knew it when you consider that the posters are well hidden on a wall under the stage will have to remain a mystery!

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Correct answers were received from: John Moran, Gene Wajdowicz, Dave Petz, Henry Wajdowicz, Eileen Krugel, Mary Lou Boroski, Mayor Marc Garofalo, Ann Searles, Jim Bartlett, Jack O'Callaghan, Jack Skelding, Adam Rak, Rick Dunne, Paul Varsanik Jr., Kimberley Shelton, Edward Baclawski, Randy Ritter, and C.F.Douglasss.

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