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St. Mary School

St. Mary's School was located on the corner of Cottage and Elizabeth Streets from its construction in 1898 until its demolition in 1969. St. Mary's was the first Catholic Church in the Valley established by the first Irish immigrants to Derby. The Sisters of Mercy, who operated the school, lived next door in the convent built for them.

When the number of school children boomed in the 1950's, a new St. Mary School was built on Seymour Avenue. The lower grades continued to go to the old building while the older children went to the new - directly across the street from the new public school - the "New" Irving School (New has been dropped from the name!). Eventually, the old building pictured above was demolished and a parking lot replaced it. If you check around town you might find a brick from the old building as many former students took "souvenir" bricks from the site during the demolition. The newer building is now part of the merged St. Mary/St. Michael School.

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