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Sundial in front of Derby Public Library

The sundial pictured above now sits silently in front of the Derby Public Library. The inscription on top says, "Count None But Sunny Hours" but at least it doesn't lose seconds at a time. Before it was a sundial, it served as a millstone some place in Derby grinding grain for colonial Derbyites. It now sits on the lawn by the front entrance surrounded by Dogwood and Cherry trees planted in honor of several prominent Derby residents. There is even one Dogwood donated by Mary Harper of Derby, England called the "Derby" Dogwood.

Correct answers were received from: Randy Ritter, C. F. Douglass, John Rak, Jason Bashura, Markanthony Izzo, Tom Carey, Raymond Petrillo, Ross Allen, mary Lou Boroski, Marsha Pettengill, and Henry Wajdowicz. Several others knew either the location or the use, but not both.

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