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The years have flown by since Derby celebrated its 300th anniversary with a major celebration that included the burial of a time capsule on the northern end of the Derby Green as many people correctly guessed. As the new millennium arrives, Derby is gearing up for a 325th anniversary celebration in 2000, but will have to wait until 2025 to open this reminder of life in Derby in 1975!

Correct answers were received from: Randy Ritter, John Rak, Mary Lou Boroski, Marsha Pettingill, Mayor Marc Garofalo, Rick Dunne, Markanthnony Izzo, Dina Weissman, John Hudak, Mary Ann Cirillo and  Marc Weissman. Brian Piccolo and Tom Lenart had the right event, but the wrong location.

Mary Lou remembers the event especially well because one of her Sterling cookbooks is in the capsule!  

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