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The Derby Transportation Center (also Valley Regional Planning, Derby/Shelton Railroad Station, Arpie's Coffee Shop) drew a lot of responses. The picture shown above comes from an old postcard and if you look carefully in the background you can see what appears to be the old Sterling Piano factory in the background. The picture is taken from the track side of the station looking west. Several people were even ahead of their time by naming it as the Motor Vehicle Department. Though not there as we complete this quiz, it will be shortly and we gave credit for the answer.

Several people mentioned their special memories of taking trips in their youth from the train station. The train station is still very active to this day and is a convenient link to this day for a day trip to New York City.

A lot of people had the answer for this quiz! Correct answers were received from:

Edward Baclawski, Kimberley Shelton, Pat Dimon, Rosalie Cota, Paul Varsanik Jr., Jack O'Callaghan, Steve Gargolinski, Barbara Jalowiec, John Kowarik, M. Meyer, Mayor Marc J. Garofalo, Gene Wajdowicz, David Petz, Marilyn Mizii, Ray Allen, Ann Searles, Henry Wajdowica, Kristen Jecusco, Alexander C. Wailionis, Ken Dupke, Carolyn Nowakowski Kovach, Robert Hyder, Bonnie Berman, Brian McMahon, Jack Skelding, John Rak, Brenna Kelleher, Normand Audet, Mary Lou Boroski, Susan Rouelle, Catherine Kelleher, Sean Conlon, Tom Carey,  Frank Lazowski, Alexander C. Wailionis, and Randy Ritter.

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