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Republican Presidential Candidate Wendall Wilkie visiting Derby.

Several presidents and presidential candidates have made their way through Derby at one time or another including Wendall Wilkie the unsuccessful Republican in the 1940 election. He is pictured on Main Street (Rt. 34). Ironically, just a couple of hundred feet away from the site in the picture, Rt. 34 becomes Roosevelt Drive - named after Franklin Roosevelt who defeated Wilkie to become the first and only man to ever serve more than two terms as president. 

Respondent Randy Ritter provided the following election results:

1940 election results:

Candidate Roosevelt Wilkie
Connecticut 417,621 53.58% 361,819 46.42%
Overall  27 million 22 million
Electoral Votes 453 78 

Correct answers were received from:  Sal and Joanne Onofrio, Ann Searles, Gene Wajdowicz, Jack Kelleher, Alexander C. Wailionis, Jack O'Callaghan, Mayor Marc J. Garofalo,  Henry Wajdowicz, Randy Ritter, and  Mary Lou Boroski.

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