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Typewriters Produced in Derby Factory

Derby and the entire Valley hold prominent places in the industrial history of this country. Known for heavy machinery, pins, corsets, silver and a variety of other products, Derby also produced the elegant typewriters pictured here. The Williams Typewriter Company moved to Derby to take advantage of a great location along the banks of the Housatonic River just below the dam. If you look carefully, you will notice that though the typewriters may be extinct, the factory is still there (Roosevelt Drive) and today is the home of Derby Cellular with the signature canal still in front.




Derby records also indicate that there was a second typewriter factory in the area at approximately the same time known as the American Typewriter Company.

 You can learn more about the Williams typewriters by clicking on the following link:

Click here for Early Typewriter Collectors Association

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Randy Ritter, Mary Lou Boroski, Henry Wajdowicz, and Ann Searles.

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