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Birmingham National Bank then - Twisted Vine Restaurant today

In 1848, the Manufacturers Bank of Birmingham was started. Seventeen years later in 1865, it became part of the national banking system and changed its name to the Birmingham National Bank. Most of the founders including Edward N. Shelton were prominent in the booming manufacturing industries in Derby. Shelton was the first president, and he held that office until his death in 1894!

This exceptional building was constructed in 1892-1893 as a monument, richly detailed with Sullivanesque and Neo-Greek elements

In the early 1970s, the Birmingham National Bank merged with Home Trust and Second National Bank to become the Second New Haven Bank, and moved to Thompson Place. Several mergers have taken place since then, and the bank is now part of the Fleet system.

The building was transformed into the Olde Birmingham restaurant and continues as a fine restaurant today - Twisted Vine Restaurant!

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