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Long before "super" markets and strip malls, the corner butcher shop and grocery store dotted the Derby landscape. The O. B. Feeney Meat Market pictured above stood at the corner of Eighth and Smith Street. Deliveries were by horse drawn carriage, but the Market survived into the 1950's as it later was owned and operated by Thomas F. Walsh and then his nephew Patrick Walsh. When the meat market finally went out of business, Ray's Bike Shop was the tenant on the bottom floor. Several respondents had personal remembrances of the bike shop. The upstairs porch hints at the two apartments that are still located there today though the staircase on the left side of the building no longer exists. Today the building is owned by the Derby Housing Authority.

Correct answers for this quiz were received from: C.F.Douglass, Dave Petz, Jack Sheehy, Rosalie Cota, Ross Allen, Gerri White, Frank ?, Randy Ritter, Rick Dunne, Mary Lou Boroski, Tom Carey, Cyndi Poppa, Jack Skelding, Mike Kelleher, Ann Searles, Ken Dupke, Mayor Marc J. Garofalo, and Rosalie Cota. Being in a generous mood, we'll even give credit to Frederick Picroski who was only off by one block in thinking that it was Smith and Ninth Street!

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