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On fame's eternal camping ground
Their silent tents are spread
And glory guards, with solemn sounds
The Bivouac of the Dead

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Though the Derby Green received a major face lift years ago, it's most prominent monument also needs a major face lift. The Soldiers Monument commemorating the Civil War - referred to as the "War of the Rebellion" on the monument itself reflecting the prevailing mood of the time is showing signs of its age, and some major repair work is in order. Jamie Cohen, a four time class president at Derby High School and former president of the Valley Community Foundation, has taken on the leadership of this important restoration effort.

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In 1875 the Kellogg Post of the Grand Army of the Republic, inaugurated a movement to erect a monument to the men of Derby and Shelton who gave their lives in the War of the Rebellion to preserve "a government of the people, by the people and for the people." It must be remembered that these men were volunteers, conscription was not used until late in the war. The names of the men are inscribed on a brass plaque on the base of the monument. The plaque contains the names of eighty-three men and the poem you see above which was composed by Theodore O'Hara, an Irish Kentuckian.

Monument prior to 1883. Picture courtesy of Joseph Dirienzo.

The original subscription to the monument was $1,500 and the substructure was completed in 1878. The Post planned to add to it at a later date. In 1883 additional pledges of $3,500 were made and a seven foot tall bronze statue of a Union Soldier standing at rest was added. The memorial was dedicated July 4, 1883 amid a great fanfare, a parade and approximately 8,000 people in attendance. The cannons were donated later and rest at the base of the monument

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