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Woolworth's - Derby, CT

F. W. Woolworth was Derby's "five and ten" store as many such stores were called back then. Today, the building is the home of the Derby Billiard parlor. The whole south side of Main Street pictured here is slated for major redevelopment in the next few years.

This quiz brought back fond memories for a lot of people who not only correctly identified its location on Main Street right at the intersection with Elizabeth Street, but also recounted memories of the Lee Drug Store, Weatherby's, the Rose Flower Shop, Vonette's, the Fulton Market, and other unnamed surrounding stores. Many mentioned shopping in the area or receiving gifts from stores in the area.  Answers were received from as far away as Saudia Arabia and Canada. Within the United States, correct answers came from Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Kentucky, Texas and Colorado.

This quiz produced more correct answers than any quiz to date:

Jim Bartlett
Markanthony Izzo
Marsha Pettengill
Rosalie Cota
Frank Lazowski, Sr.
Eileen Krugel
Gene Wajdowicz
Millie (from Ansonia),
Ray Allen
Jack O'Callaghan
Ann Searles
Randy Ritter
Ross Allen
Jack Skelding
Henry Wajdowicz
Alexander C. Wailionis
Frank (From Florida)
Bonnie Pettengill Pelaccia
Mayor Marc J. Garofalo
John Kowarik
Ken Dupke
Amy Cobaugh
Pat Dimon
Amy Cobaugh
John M. Rak
Virginia Ljungquist
Brian McMahon
Wasso Smoli
Naya Esposito
Kathi Ducharme
Rosalyn Franco
Jack Moran
Kristen Jecusco-Casteel Susan Rouelle
Rick Dunne
Dave Petz
Kimberley Shelton
Tom Carey
Paul Comkowycz
Kevin Henri
Lori Veillette
Cyndi Poppa
Richard Schreiner
Edward Baclawski
Raymond M. Petrillo
Marty Gilloren
Ryan ?
Walt Mayhew

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