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The "Brewery" - Derby Avenue

Long before the Boy Scouts moved their offices there, the "Brewery" served as home to Derby's only brewery (at least after Prohibition ended). Starting in 1897 as the Derby & Ansonia Brewing Company and ending in 1941 as the Old England Brewing Company, beer was brewed almost continuously in the building.

Correct answers were received from: Ross Allen, Richard Head, Rosalyn Franco, John Kowarik, Dave Petz, Bill Tracz, Brian McMahon, Marsha Pettingill, Eileen Krugel, John Rak, C. F. Douglass, Rick Dunne, Rick Schreiner, Frank from Florida, Ron Gabianelli, Markanthony Izzo, Jack O'Callaghan, Ann Searles, Rosalie Cota, Walt Mayhew, Henry Wajdowicz, Naya Esposito, Mary Lou Boroski, Frank Lazowski, and Mayor Marc Garofalo.

Thanks to Randy Ritter for suggesting this quiz and to Ron Gabianelli who recently wrote a magazine article about the Brewery.

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