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A Strict Disciplinarian

Martin Chromik

Martin Chromik was both the last principal at the old Derby High School on Minerva Street and the first at the current Derby High School. Renowned as an excellent English teacher before taking over as the principal, he earned high marks as a strict disciplinarian who kept things in order - as noted by several people who answered this quiz and commented positively on his tenure at Derby High. His first years were especially difficult as the High School had to go on a split schedule with freshmen attending school in the afternoon following mornings with the the upper classmen due to overcrowding. That ended in 1969 with the opening of the new Derby High School. Following his untimely death, the auditorium in the school was renamed for him and the portrait above now stands in silent (Fittingly!) tribute to him.

Correct Answers were receive from:

Jim & Linda Mascolo, Ann Searles, Frank E. Lazowski, Sr., Bill Lombardi, Markanthony Izzo, Robert Loftus, Mayor Marc J. Garofalo, Tom Comkowycz, Susan Rouelle, Ken Dupke, John M. Rak, Pat Dimon, Carol Della Rocco (Lionetti), Rick Dunne, Normand Audet, Ross Allen, Catherine Kelleher, and Bonnie Berman.

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