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There are many memorials to veterans in Derby, but probably the most seen - and most overlooked - is this monument on a very small green at the eastern end of the Rt. 34 Bridge over the Naugatuck River. The monument is dedicated to the memory of 10 men killed in World War II and to all the men and women from "East Derby" who served in World War II.

The ten who were killed were:

  • James J. Albarella

  • John J. Dobek

  • Henry Drauszewski

  • Charles S. Emerson

  • Vincent Guardiano

  • Joseph Markiewicz

  • Joseph H. Santilli

  • Joseph Skiba

  • John C. Therkildsen

  • Stanley W. Wajdowicz

This quiz Correct Answers were received from: Ken Dupke,  Mayor Marc J. Garofalo, Frank Laszowski, Sr., Karyn Shea, Gene Wajdowicz, John Rak, Mary Lou Boroski, Marsha Pettingill, Ann Searles, Virginia Ljungquist, William Cullen, Henry Wajdowicz, Raymond Petrillo, Kevin Henri, Naya Esposito, Frank - St. Pete Beach, Millie from Ansonia, Joe Laskowski, Ronald Earl Thomas, Jim Bartlett, Lori Veillette, David Lenart, Chontal Fredericks, and Kathi Ducharme.

There were many others who had either the location or the identification of a war memorial.

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