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Hubbell Brothers Opens to the Public - 1896

Hubbell Brothers last stop on Main Street.

Hubbell Brothers Shoe Store is was Connecticut's oldest shoe store opening on the corner of Elizabeth and Main Streets in 1896. If you look carefully at the picture on the left from the Derby Historical Society, you might be able to see that the opening day crowd is being attracted to a woman who was being hypnotized as a feature attraction for the opening ceremonies.

During the downtown redevelopment of the 1960's, the building was torn down, and Hubbell Brothers moved across to the other side of Main Street where they stayed until  further redevelopment in 2004 resulted in another move to Pershing Drive where the business continues to thrive today until its closing in 2010.

Correct answers were received from as far away as Saudia Arabia and Israel and this proved to be one of our more popular quizzes:

Tom Carey, Cyndi Poppa, Sean Henri, Ann Searles, Marsha Pettingill, M Meyer, Richard Schreiner, Bonnie Berman, Ross Allen, Mary Lou Boroski, Shirley Chromik, Catherine Kelleher, Christine Guillet, John M. Rak, Ken Dupke, Frank from Florida, Brian McMahon, Jim Bartlett, Rosalie Cota, Gilda Anroman, Randy Ritter, Mayor Marc Garofalo, Henry Wajdowicz, Markanthony Izzo, Raymond M. Petrillo, Randy Ritter, Rick Dunne, and C.F.Douglass.
Judy Bitton Neustaedter gets credit for knowing it was a shoe store, though she could not give the name.

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