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The writing on the monument above provides the answer and location of our quiz. During the Revolutionary War, British soldiers under the command of a General Tryon roamed through the western part of the state spreading terror among the populace with his contingent of 2,000 soldiers. At the time, the port of Derby was thriving thanks to its trade with the West Indies and Tryon learned of large stores of supplies including a great deal of pork in the area that would today be downtown Derby.

When Tryon dispatched troops to New Haven, Capt. John Tomlinson of Derby Neck happened to be in New Haven and feared that the troop's real target was to be Derby and its stock pile. According to a story recounted in Orcutt's History of the Old Town of Derby, Connecticut Tomlinson rode like the wind to Derby to announce, "The British are in New Haven; look out for your pork, look out for your pork!" The enterprising citizens of Derby quickly responded by removing the stores to an area of Derby that is now in Ansonia. That area became known as Pork Hollow, and you can still see the monument above commemorating the events of the day.

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