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Stahl's Rambler once stood on the corner of Fourth and Olivia Street, but downtown redevelopment brought an end to all of that - or at least big parts of it. The Rambler is a collector's item, the section of Fourth Street pictured above which connected Olivia Street and Elizabeth Street is now just a walkway, and Stahl's has moved to the other side of town. If you look carefully at the picture you will see the Sterling Opera House in the background on the right side.

Our thanks to Randy Ritter for this quiz!

Correct answers were received from: Henry Wajdowicz, Rosalyn Franco Sampiere,  Mary Lou Boroski, John Stobierski, Ellen Lenart, Ken Dupke, Linda Kaye, Jack O'Callaghan, Naya Esposito, Tom Comkowycz, Marsha Pettingill, Bonnie Berman, Edward Baclawski, Charles Stankye Jr., Ann Searles, C. F. Douglass, Joan Driscoll, Frank Lazowski, Sr., Jim & Linda Mascolo, Marilyn Mizzi, Donna Doherty, Ron Sill and Robert Loftus

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