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Sterling Opera House at the turn of a century - 20th!

A view from the stage today!

Though the Sterling Opera House was featured in one of our earlier quizzes for the historic posters found under its stage, this quiz showed the old Opera House in its finest earliest condition. Many people had confused Gould Armory for the Opera House because they had so many similar uses. However, the Sterling came later and served as the City Hall for the new City of Derby while Gould Armory served the Borough of Birmingham. According to a later account in The Evening Sentinel, it was built in 1889 for the princely sum of $45,000 and and named for Charles Sterling, the owner of the Sterling Piano Co.

The Sterling's history is no less illustrious than the Gould Armory, but its future seems much brighter as it is undergoing a partial renovation at the moment with hopes for a full renovation and reopening in the future. Click here to learn more about its illustrious past or here to learn about plans for the future.

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