Park and Recreation Commission


(meeting taped)

Regular meeting: Monday, April 10, 2000 at the Aldermanic Chambers of City Hall.

Meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. By roll call, members present: John Walsh, Al Felice and David Mikos. Beverly Moran was excused.

Parks and Recreation Director Dennis OíConnell was present. Athletic Director Kenneth Marcucio was absent.


There were no changes to the agenda.

Public portion:

No one was present to speak.

Approval of minutes:

A motion was made by David Mikos and second by Al Felice. Move to accept the minutes of the meeting held on March 13, 2000. All in favor. Motion carried.


The Elks Club requested use of the picnic grove for an Easter Egg Hunt on April 22, 2000. TEAM requested use of Ryan Complex for their annual road race which will be running the same weekend as Derby Days. Discussion ensued over who had the authority to give approvals. Being that these events were not associated with the recreation department or programs, it was felt that these requests should be forwarded to the Board of Alderman or the Mayor.

A motion was made by Al Felice and second by David Mikos. Move to recommend to the full Board of Alderman the use of the facilities for the requests from the Elks Club for an Easter Egg Hunt on April 22, 2000 to be held at the picnic grove and from TEAM for their annual road race on Derby Day weekend to be held at the Ryan Complex. All in favor. Motion carried.

Nothing further was presented.


Parks & Recreation Directorís Report: Mr. O'Connell reported that Girlís softball completed their registration and the program will be part of the Valley Little League and Valley Babe Ruth. With the age groups and numbers, this union seemed appropriate. Last year, this merging was tried and there were some difficulties that were reviewed prior to this decision. There will be a bona fided Derby team in the 10-12 year old division and in the Babe Ruth Division. The 6-10 year old group will remain in the Junior Division with this program being run in-house.

Soccer is underway and the numbers are up. They are looking for more time at Bradley. Monday night is being used but this may cause scheduling difficulties later in the season as the Firemanís league customarily has had the softball field on Monday nights.

Little League registration is complete with 190 participants.

The Womanís softball and Over 30 softball leagues are also being scheduled. They will be playing at Ryan Field. The Menís League has also been scheduled and will be playing at Bradley.

It was noted that many of these programs will be playing valley leagues. With that comes the fact that some players will not be Derby residents. Chairman Walsh reminded everyone that Derby participants are playing either on Derby fields or on the fields of the other associated towns. Residents have previously been vocal in regards to "out of towners" and he hoped that this sharing of resources could be expressed to alleviate their concerns.

Next, Mr. O'Connell presented the 2000-2001 budget. He noted that he has been asked to incorporate the Veteranís Community Center into the plan. The Mayor and the Downtown Committee are overseeing this merger. Mr. O'Connell has met with the Veteranís Center members and, with their input, projected anticipated expenditures and income. He noted that he has combined many of the line items from the previous Parks & Recreation budget in an attempt to streamline the breakdown. The total budget came to $184,265 with projected income of $36,500.

A motion was made by David Mikos and second by Al Felice. Move to accept the tentative Parks & Recreation budget, as presented. All in favor. Motion carried.

Mr. Mikos noted that a Menís Basketball League has been playing informally for a number of years. This past year they used the Veteranís Center but the walk-in fees charged were a concern for some of the members. Mr. O'Connell noted that with the merger, the Parks & Recreation Department will be looking at this use as well as others. Fee schedules will be developed which should be satisfactory and encourage use of the facility.

It was noted that with the merger with the Veteranís Center, the City is contemplating revising the Parks & Recreation Commission to add members. This is currently being studied.

Athletic Directorís Report: Mr. Marcucio was not present.

Committee Reports:

Recreation Facilities Enhancement Committee - Chairman Walsh stated that they are awaiting the Board of Aldermanís decision on the question/questions for the referendum. He noted that the group DECIDE has been arranging informational meetings with various groups in town. The Committee has been in attendance to present the recreational plan and members from the Building Committee are available to speak on the school plan.

It was noted that one question that has arisen is the future maintenance costs for these additional fields. Chairman Walsh indicated that he will contact Mr. Sheil from Milone & MacBroom, Inc. or Public Works Director Gary Parker to see if information can be prepared.

Youth Advisory Council - A meeting will be scheduled once the referendum date is set.


Nothing was presented.

The next meeting will be Monday, May 8, 2000 at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall. If the Aldermanic Chambers are unavailable then the Veteranís room will be requested.

A motion was made by David Mikos and second by Al Felice. Move to adjourn this meeting at 7:44p.m. All in favor. Motion carried.

Respectfully prepared,

Karen Kemmesies, secretary

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