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(meeting taped)

Special meeting: Monday, July 21, 2003 in the Aldermanic Chambers of City Hall. The regular monthly meeting for July 14, 2003 was cancelled and rescheduled to this date.

Meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m.

By roll call, members present: John Walsh, Edward Handi, Matt Cripps and Karen Izzo. Al Felice, David Mikos and Robert Bell were excused.

Parks and Recreation Director Dennis O’Connell was present. Athletic Director Kenneth Marcucio was absent.

additions or deletions to the agenda:

Without objection, the agenda was accepted.

approval of minutes:

A motion was made by Edward Handi and second by Matt Cripps. Move to accept the minutes of the meeting on June 9, 2003. Motion carried unanimously.

Without objection the approval of the July 7, 2003 Facilities Committee meeting was tabled.

Public portion:

No one was present and the public portion was closed.


Nothing was presented.


Planning for a Skate Park: The Facilities Committee reviewed many locations and held a public hearing to receive comment. Their report was submitted this evening. (attached) Due to the time restraints of the resolution, the Committee decided to rule out the possibility of carry out such a project on land not currently controlled by the City. With that in mind three locations were presented.

The Onopiak property on Sodom Lane,

The parking lot between the Uluski Field and the High School on Nutmeg Avenue,

Vacant property on Caroline Street purchased from Webster Bank.

Another possible solution emerged at the last minute, and the Parks & Recreation Commission will urge the Board of Alderman to allow the Commission to examine the possibilities. The City of Shelton is looking to develop a skate park and is at about the same stage of planning. A joint effort should be explored.

The Committee reviewed the rules and regulations for the park. Ideally, supervision would be preferred. It was stressed that there are no funds currently allocated in the Parks & Recreation budget to provide for supervision and should this be a consideration then additional funding will be necessary. If this is not an option, then the park users would be required to register, sign a waiver and acknowledge the rules of the park. The rules shall be posted at the facility. A suggested fee would be $35.00 per season or $3.00 per day. A fence should be installed around the park that would be locked when not in use. The Committee recommends bikers and skaters be allowed with a set time schedule for their specific use. Prospective users would be invited to assist in the design of the park.

A motion was made by Edward Handi and second by Karen Izzo. Move to adopt the Derby Parks & Recreation Facilities Committee Skate Park Report, as submitted; and forward to the Board of Alderman for their consideration. Motion carried unanimously.


Parks & Recreation Director’s Report: Mr. O'Connell indicated there is a lull in the activities. The Little League has tournament games. Pop Warner will begin practicing on August 1st and will be using Uluski Field, the picnic grove and Ryan Field. Soccer will begin their fall program. The travel teams are practicing.

The Playground program is going smoothly. No one has utilized the bus arrangements and are apparently making their own arrangements. There were approximately 80 participants. The participants have used the Derby Veteran's Community Center pool and gym and have taken trips. An end of the program picnic is planned.

Mr. O'Connell expects that the 2002-2003 budget will end with approximately $5,000 returned to the City. It was noted that the revenue far exceeded the budgeted amount. The Commission questioned whether surplus revenue could be used for capital improvements rather than going back into the general fund. This may be explored with the Board of Apportionment and Taxation. The Commission would like to explore a special projects account and possibly an account for special events such as the trip to the baseball games or possibly a golf tournament.

Members questioned who will be responsible for the repairs to Ryan Field due to Derby Days. Mr. O'Connell felt the costs would come out of the maintenance accounts. The Commission suggested approaching the Board of Alderman to make a provision for any non-recreational use that it be stipulated that the facility must be left in the same condition it was found or the user will be responsible for any repairs.

Athletic Director’s Report: Mr. Marcucio was not present.

Committee Reports:

Programs Committee – The Committee reported that the Yale Program went very well. There were 25 children, 14 chaperones and 9 coaches. The National Institute for Children Center presented a seminar on child abuse in coaching and the participants found it very interesting. It was noted that the abuse is a national problem and the seminar delved into emotional impacts of verbal torment or belittling. Many strategies similar to that being discussed in self-esteem programs were presented. The children also enjoyed the event participating in many activities. The Recreation Department will be receiving approximately $2,500 and said funds will be used for equipment.

There was nothing further on the golf tournament.

Facilities Committee –Chairman Walsh noted that a committee is being suggested by the Board of Alderman to assess Baseball Field needs.

Chairman Walsh spoke with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gotowala about possibly having a joint meeting to discuss fields. He was receptive to the idea and suggested the Board of Education Athletic Sub-Committee also participate.

Members also suggested that the Public Works Director be invited to a meeting to review the facilities and necessary maintenance issues.

A motion was made by Edward Handi and second by Matt Cripps. Move to adjourn this meeting at 7:58 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.

The next Parks & Recreation Commission meeting will be Monday, August 11, 2003 at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall. If the Aldermanic Chambers are unavailable then the Veteran’s room will be requested.

Respectfully prepared,

Karen Kemmesies, secretary

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