(meeting taped) 

Monthly meeting:  Tuesday, November 10, 2003 in the Aldermanic Chambers of City Hall. 

Meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. 

By roll call, members present:  John Walsh, Al Felice, Matt Cripps, Karen Izzo and Edward Handi.  Robert Bell and David Mikos were excused. 

Parks and Recreation Director Dennis O’Connell was present.  Athletic Director Kenneth Marcucio was absent. 

additions or deletions to the agenda:

Without objection, the agenda was accepted. 

Public portion:

Nick Belizzi of 50 Olivia Street stated that he was looking for part-time employment noting his past experience with recreation.  He was directed to speak with Mr. O'Connell. 


Nothing was presented. 


Nothing was presented. 


Parks & Recreation Director’s Report:  Mr. O'Connell reported that the Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball registered approximately 300 participants.  The gymnasium at Bradley School is not being utilized due to the absence of a custodian.  The Pop Warner Junior Midget team is going to the State finals.  The Peewee Cheerleaders came in first in the State competition. Three of the cheerleading squads will be competing in the New England regional competitions. 

Planning for the Thanksgiving Road Race is going well.  Chairman Walsh indicated that the number of participants is increasing and he anticipates a good turnout. 

Mr. O'Connell noted that the Senior Center has been utilizing the gymnasium for some of their programs due to the environmental problems at the Center.  Possible long-term use is being explored. 

Speaking on the proposed skate park, Shelton is awaiting permission from the State to use the suggested parcel of land and funding is being explored. 

Mr. O'Connell and the Public Works Department will be consulting with a professional to explore methods to repair and rejuvenate the football field.  The extensive use this year and in past years is taking a toll on the surface and each year the conditions are deteriorating. 

Members asked for further information on Shelton’s use of the football field.  It was noted that the proceeds from the concession stand goes to the Derby Booster Club.  The gate proceeds are collected by Shelton.  An arrangement has been made between Derby and Shelton for Shelton to be reimbursing for the additional lighting costs.  The lighting costs are paid from the High School Athletic Department.  The cost for the additional Public Works duties is believed to be considered in-kind services applied to the Board of Education budget but this was not certain.  The additional cost of the materials to line and paint the field is being absorbed by the Parks & Recreation budget.  It was noted that while the Parks & Recreation Commission’s jurisdiction over this additional use does not cover this use, it would have been appreciated if the Commission was contacted to verify availability and suitability of the use. 

Mr. O'Connell noted that corrections have been made to the budget to have the revenue in the wrestling line item rather than the cheerleader’s line item as discussed last meeting. 

Equipment maintenance will be performed at the Derby Veteran's Community Center. 

Athletic Director’s Report:  Mr. Marcucio was not present. 

Committee Reports:

Programs Committee – The Committee did not meet last month. 

Facilities Committee – Bids for Witek Park field construction were opened on October 31st.  The low bid was $714,000 and the highest was $1.254 million.  The low bid did not include the electrical work.  The City Engineer will be reviewing the submittals and verifying the credentials of the bidders.  The Committee is also addressing the stipulations placed by the Derby Inland Wetlands Agency and Planning and Zoning Commission in their approvals.  They are developing the plan for testing the water and defining and implementing the turf management program personnel needs.  The funding must be secured for the program costs.  Designs for the gate are being completed.  Mr. Felice will be contacting the Neighborhood Committee to pursue the management and funding needs. 

The Greenway project is still awaiting permit approval from the State and finalization of the right of way issues.  It was hoped that the plan could go forward this year but it has been delayed.  Construction should begin next year. 

Funding for the Amendola complex bathrooms is in place.  Members felt that a building committee is needed to accomplish this task.  The Committee will approach the Board of Alderman to move forward on this project. 

approval of minutes:

A motion was made by Karen Izzo and second by Matt Cripps.  Move to accept the minutes of the meeting on October 14, 2003, as written.  Motion carried unanimously. 

A motion was made by Matt Cripps and second by Karen Izzo. Move to adjourn this meeting at 7:59 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously. 

The next Parks & Recreation Commission meeting will be Monday, December 8, 2003 at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.  If the Aldermanic Chambers are unavailable then the Veteran’s room will be requested.

Respectfully prepared,
Karen Kemmesies, secretary

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