McConney's Farm

The barn on the McConney farm was built in two parts. The right side was built in 1709 with lumber originally used in a barn built at great Hill. the left side was built in the 1850's. there is a story passed down that the man who shingled the room climbed down from his ladder and marched directly off to the Civil War.

During the Revolutionary War, Hessian soldiers camped on this property while in pursuit of Rochambeau. when the soldiers cleaned their straw mattresses carried from Germany, they left behind a straw seed. today, this very distinctive straw still grows in the area and is called Hessian Bed Straw.

There is a rather spectacular view of Lake Housatonic down below from the field adjacent to the barn.

This is the last stop on the tour as you now head down Derby Neck Road and back into the Osbornedale/Kellogg Complex from where this tour started. You may also retrace your steps to Rt. 34 and take the river route back to the Complex.

For this virtual tour, we will retrace our steps to Rt. 34 for the scenic drive down Roosevelt Drive .

McConney's Farm

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View of the Housatonic River

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