Roosevelt Drive and Home

Houastonic River

The drive along Roosevelt Drive at the end of this tour is a particularly attractive one with the River on your right and the hills running away from the river on your left. Across the river, you will see Indian Well State Park which was visited earlier on the tour. Try to picture a time when the river was frozen solid and horse and car races took place during the winter. Ice was also harvested with saws and stored in "ice houses" along the river for summer use. Even earlier times saw ship building on the river in the area of the Park.

Long before Europeans arrived and dammed the river, this was the domain of the Indian and they maintained a fort above the current dam near the present day Recreation Camp which you see just before you turn into Lakeview Terrace on your way to the tour's conclusion at the Osborne Homestead.

We hope that you have enjoyed your "virtual" tour and urge you to take the tour in person. Please give us your feedback as we would like to know how you feel about the tour.

Go about 3 miles east on Rt. 34. You will pass McConney's Farm Stand on your left and then the Pink House Cove fishing area on your right with some great views of the Housatonic River. Take a left on Lakeview Terrace. Bear left at the fork in the Terrace. At stop sign turn left on Hawthorne Avenue and then left back into the Osborne Homestead Museum.

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80 McConney's Stand

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