Shelton's Farms

You are now in the heart of the farming area of Shelton and you will pass the Fairview Tree Farm on your right before reaching the Jones Tree Farm.

Jones Tree Farm is located on Israel Hill Road off Route 110. Philip James Jones, a Welsh-Irish immigrant, began working his land in the White Hills of Shelton in the 1850s. His advice has guided six generations of the Jones family. His son and grandson established a progressive dairy farm, Broad Acres Farm, with 30 cows and 300 acres.

After World War II, a fourth generation, Philip Jones and wife Elisabeth began inviting friends to harvest their own Christmas trees in the woods on the family’s dairy farm. Philip had planted these trees in the 1930s as a 4-H project. Families had so much fun that more trees were planted and the dairy business was discontinued in 1966.

Today, fifth generation Will and Terry Jones, along with wife Jean, are the primary managers of the farm. With Darrell Hickman and Tom Nickse, they look after 400 acres of strawberries, blueberries, pumpkins and Christmas trees. Sixth generation Jamie and Gwyn Jones are still in school, but are actively involved in farming. . June through August are the berry-picking months. Pumpkins, fall produce, corn stalks and hayrides are available in October. Harvest your own Christmas tree, or choose one freshly cut. Garlands, wreaths and Santa Claus appear in December. The Holiday Gathering Gift Shop opens in December.

At the stop sign where the road ends, take a right onto Rte. 110 and go about 1.2 miles where the Beardsley Farm will be on your right. 

Beardsley Organic Vegetable and Herb Farm offers certified organic produce, seedlings, soil and amendments. Open daily mid-May through October and Late November through December with a Christmas Shop.

Just beyond Beardsley Farm, take a left onto School Street.

16 Fairview Tree Farm

Jones Tree Farm
 17 Jones Tree Farm

18 Beardsley Organic Farm

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