Friday - Presentation & Exhibition

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The Valley's chief elected officials at 7:00 am!

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Friday was a busy, long and emotional day as the delegation started with a 7:00 am rehearsal prior to the 11:05 presentation. After a quick run through with the chief elected officials who then had to attend a breakfast for mayors from the finalist communities, Gary Scarpa fine tuned the presentation while working on individual presentations.

The extra practice time paid off as the presentation went off like a charm. The delegation's extra confidence showed in a presentation that was exciting, fast paced and informative. The script that Liz Kennard so expertly put together came to life in front of the twelve member panel of judges as well as an audience of delegates from around the country.

The presentation was well received in the auditorium and he hopes of the delegates are high that it will bring home an All America City winner designation on Saturday.

Delegates had the afternoon free except for a small group setting up the Valley's booth for the Civic Action Fair in the evening evening.  The booth was a major hit s a as it was mobbed from the moment the doors opened at 6:30 pm. Wiffle balls were literally flying out of he booth as delegates from all over the country streamed to the Valley booth to find out what we mean when we say "We have it all in the Valley."

The Civic Action Fair was a fitting way to end the day, and Valley delegates had the opportunity to sample slices of life from al over the other communities. It gave us all a new respect not only for what we have accomplished in the Valley, but also forhow much grassroots individuals in other communities are doing by working together. We truly are in great company as a n All America City finalist. Click here to see photos from the Civic Action Fair.

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