Civic Action Fair Photo Album

We nailed it! Our presentation was on the money, and our booth was spectacular. Sample photos from the Civic Action Fair here, and then take a look at the Presentation by clicking here. Visit here to see who made this booth possible.

We were hard pressed to keep up with the demand for all of the products in the booth. Trim Clippers displaying a message about Valley pride were particularly popular as were the wiffle balls seen flying all over the hall. Helen Musante's commemorative post cards with Valley scenes were very popular and kept the delegates busy hand canceling them with a special commemorative Valley All America City stamp produced by the Seymour post office. For thirsty delegates, Castle Seltzer provided the liquid refreshment

actionfair39.jpg (96457 bytes)

The backdrop for the Valley booth was a spectacular Valley collage.

actionfair36.jpg (93440 bytes)
Danny Seaver of North Carolina was happy to win one of the raffle prizes from Jodi

actionfair8.jpg (89132 bytes)
It was this crowded all night

actionfair44.jpg (73895 bytes)
Even Ben Franklin had to stop by the Valley booth to learn more

actionfair29.jpg (76859 bytes)
Tallahassee Boys Choir had swing

actionfair21.jpg (83719 bytes)
Santa Clarita dancers

actionfair25.jpg (99523 bytes)
Byran Texas

actionfair19.jpg (102169 bytes)
Castle Seltzer, the "Champagne of Seltzers" was very popular

actionfair12.jpg (99329 bytes)
Helen Musante's post cards were hand cancelled with the Valley's special stamp

actionfair24.jpg (111788 bytes)
One of the more colorful sights!

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