Sister City Visit - Day 1   

Mayor Garofalo picked up the visiting delegation in New York late on Tuesday, and they spent their first day touring the city including businesses, churches, schools and libraries. They were also be the guests of Yale University for a tour of both the beautiful Gilder Boat House and the Housatonic River. Food stops included Altimari's, Mattei's Deli, Heavenly Donuts and the Sons of Italy. See the album of photos by clicking here.

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The delegation arrives in New York

Mayor Garofalo picked up the delegation on Tuesday, October 8

On the observation deck at Yale's Gilder Boat House

Inside the boat bays at the Gilder Boat House

Former Yale head coach Dave Vogel gave the delegation a full toour of the facilities and they had a chance to observe the crews in action on the Housatonic from a boat provided by the Lake Housatonic Authority

"Weighing in" at the Gilder Boat House

Alderman Fedinando Creta tries the scale at the boat house

In the trophy/observation room at the Gilder Boat House

A break for games

Foosball is as universal as soccer!


The delegation stopped to greet Derby resident Joe Crocamo while tourning Wal*Mart

Delegation meets psychologist Manuel Cedena - a native of Ecuador

Outside Altimari's on Elizabeth Street

Inside Bradley School

The delegation visited Bradley School and spent time with Mrs. Andrews fifth grade class

Checking out city records

Barbara Moore gave the delegation a glimpse of some historic records in City Hall

A stop at Mattei's

Mayor Bartone is pictured with Tina Mattei while stopping for a sandwich at Mattei's. She is a native of Puglianello!

Not a Ferrarri!

Heavenly Donuts had cars on the menu with the donuts! The delegation inspectrs a Corvette on display in East Derby. Heavenly Donuts often hosts "Cruise Nights"

Bocce at the Sons of Italy

Mayor Bartone playing bocce

Mayor Bartone joined the regulars at the Sons of Italy in a competitive game of Bocce

Figs from the local garden

Derby resident Mark Izzo is pictured with the two mayors presenting some home grwon figs from his orchards


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