Class of 2015

As the annual Derby Day approaches, Mayor Anita Dugatto is pleased to announce the selection of three new members to the Derby Hall of Fame. The Class of 2015 includes Derby's first permanent European settler, a seven term mayor and Derby first (and probably only) Olympian. Edward Wooster was born in 1622, but he arrived in the area now known as Derby in 1651. George P. Sullivan served seven terms as Mayor of Derby over the course of four different decades. Donald Waldhaus becomes the third member of the Hall with an athletic background, but most will be surprised to find that he was a member of the U.S. Olympic Fencing team in 1924.

Mayor Dugatto said, "The additions to Hall of Fame this year are impressive and show the strength and vision of the Valley forefathers that made it great!"

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Brief descriptions of the members of the Class of 2015 (Click on names to learn more):

George P. Sullivan was a seven term mayor of Derby. A plumber by trade, he was a labor friendly mayor of Derby during stretches from 1903 to 1938.
Donald Waldhaus may have been the only Derbyite to be a member of a US Olympic Team. He was a member of the 1924 US Olympic Fencing team that came in 5th place in Paris in the Olympics featured in the famous Chariots of Fire movie.


Edward Wooster was the first permanent settler in Derby. He arrived in 1651, twenty-four years before Derby was officially chartered as a Derby city!

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