Eleventh Anniversary - Class of 2017


The Derby Hall of Fame is starting its second decade with the induction of the three new members bringing the total number of inductees to 47.  Click here to learn more about the Class of 2017.

In 2015 the Derby High School Athletic Hall of Fame was started, and you can learn more about that here. Two members of the City Hall of Fame were also in the inaugural class of the High School Athletic Hall.

The Derby Hall of Fame is made up of Derby natives and residents who have helped to shape the course of history through their achievements at the local, state, national or international level. Each of these individuals selected was either born in Derby or lived here at some point in his/her life. Living individuals are not eligible for selection. The Class of 2017 will be inducted on Derby Day June 27
, but you can nominate someone anytime by clicking here to send an e-mail. Please make sure that you provide biographical information about the person that you are nominating and not just a name. Nominations are kept on file for three years.

The Hall of Fame is part of this plaza on the Derby Greenway.

The initial class of eleven individuals was inducted into the Hall of Fame on September 1, 2007. Click here for the story. Click here for the Class of 2008, here for the Class of 2009, here for the Class of 2010, here for the Class of 2011, here for 2012 and here for 2013. Click here to learn more about the Class of 2014, here for 2015 or here for 2016.

Derby Hall of Fame

Click on the links to read about their accomplishments.

  James B. Atwater Major Wilbur Fiske Osborne
Dr. Ambrose Beardsley Graham Peck
Rev. John Bowes HeadstoneRev. John Bowers Anson Phelps
Henry M. Bradley, Jr. Leo F. "Nuggy" Ryan
Edward J. Cotter Henry Shelton Sanford
Bassett, Ebenezer quiz13.jpg (7254 bytes) Edward N. Shelton
DeFilippo, Lou Jane DeForest Shelton
  Jerry Denny Sheldon Smith
Rev. John Jordan Dillon

Ann Stephens

Herbert Henry Dow Charles Sterling
WilliamF. Durand Dr. Joseph Stygar
 Frank Gates Edmund Strang
Harry Haugh George P. Sullivan
Josiah Holbrook David Torrance
Dr. John Ireland Howe Donald Waldhaus
David Humphreys Horace Weston
Commodore Isaac Hull Joseph Wheeler
Orson Hyde Stephen Whitney
Clara Louise Kellogg J. Newton Williams
Frances Osborne Kellogg Frank P. Witek
Pierre Lallement Col. Holton Wood
Reverend Richard Mansfield Edward Wooster
James McKenzie William B. Wooster
 Patrick B. O'Sullivan  

Nominations may be made at anytime for the Hall of Fame. They will be kept on file until the annual selection process, and the induction of a new class is planned to coincide with Derby Day in June each year. Living individuals may not be nominated.

Derby Hall of Fame Nomination Form

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In order to help the committee judge the contributions of each nominee, we ask that you submit a brief resume of the individual's accomplishments. The basic criteria are listed above.

This nominee should be selected for the following reason(s):

What was this individual's connection to Derby:


If there are links to web pages that help tell the story of your nominee, please add them here:

If you have electronic pictures of your nominee, please submit them to derbyct@comcast.net.

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