Class of 2018

Mayor Richard Dziekan is pleased to announce the selection of the 12th anniversary class for the  Derby Hall of Fame. This year's class of two brings the number of Hall members to 49. The newest selectees represent two very distinct chapters of Derby history as one emerged from the shadows of slavery to become one of the Black Governors of Connecticut while the other spent a lifetime in Derby as a respected lawyer as well as the most prolific builder of homes in Derby history.

Mayor Dziekan said, "Dziekan said, “I am honored by Quosh Freeman and Harold Yudkin for their impressive accomplishments and steadfast efforts to create a better life for future generations. Both gentlemen are rightfully recognized for being industrious and achieving extraordinary goals while giving back to the community."

Brief descriptions of the members of the Class of 2018 (Click on names to learn more):

Quosh Freeman was born in Ghana, shackled into slavery and went on to gain his freedeom and become Black Governor of Connecticut.

Harold B. Yudkin was a proud Derby High graduate who went on to become a respected, lawyer, historian, philanthropist and the largest builders of homes in Derby.

For the full listing of Hall of Fame members, click here.

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