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Why I Run...

Patricia Wasko did it! She completed her first race ever on Thanksgiving Day in a time of 40:16. Her Daughter and "best friend" Kaitlin finished in a time of 25:41, and they are both winners! We congratulate them both!.

Patricia's story:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Today, I picked up my race number and "goodie bag" with my daughter, who is running her 3rd race. 

In 2008, I ran one mile without stopping!  As a walker around a track, it was getting a little boring for me, so with lots of encouragement from my daughter, I tried running.  I was amazed that I was actually able to run a lap, then two and then 4 to make my mile.   I ran for the summer only. 

In July of 2009, I began running, again, and it was exhilarating until one day in early August, a seasoned track runner told me that I was "sprinting" around the track, rather than running.  I felt like I wasted 5 weeks of running (sprinting).  I didn't allow my running mistake to get me down.  I ran almost daily with my daughter and got up to 4 miles.  We have continued running together since the summer and even in the very chilly mornings, to-date.  We also ran road routes that we made up.  Of course, my daughter runs like a "deer," but she ran at my slow speed when we ran the roads and the hills.    

My daughter stayed with me during my slow road runs to be sure that I was okay because I have an implanted defibrillator/pacemaker for a heart arrhythmia.  I have had a device since 2001, received it in my late 30's.  I felt useless after receiving my first implant and it wasn't until I received my second one that I finally believed my doctor that I can do anything I want to and without limitations.   People feel that once they receive a defibrillator/pacemaker or even just a pacemaker, their physical life is limited and their mind-frame does not go beyond a physical walk.  As I have found out, this is totally untrue and anyone can change their life for the better, even with an implanted device. 

Now, I love my runs, they have physically changed me and the feeling of stress release during them has made me a stronger person.  Last weekend, I ran the track almost a full 6 miles without stopping, a true triumph for myself. 

My daughter, Kaitlin, she's my "Best Friend"...as well as my husband, Steve, and son, Ryan.   I promise them (as well as myself) that I will run this race and I will look forward to my finish with them waiting for me. 

This is my story of "why I am running."
Patricia Wasko


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