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This Sponsor is right on the course!

If you've ever run in the Commodore Hull Thanksgiving Day 5K race, you could not possibly miss our "closest" sponsor - Inline Plastics Corp. - and this year you'll have a unique opportunity to learn much more about them. You couldn't miss them because their large facility is right at the start and finish line on Canal Street, and many of our runners have actually been parking in their lot since the very first year of the race.

This year their sponsorship has been expanded and their support is helping to underwrite the cost of our on-line registration system. Unlike many other races, we have never charged an additional fee for using on-line registration, and now you know why.

So just what does Inline do in that rather imposing building? One of their brochures sums it up pretty simply - they make "The next Generation of Food Packaging". Undoubtedly, you have already come across their products without knowing it. Just take a look at some of their packages:

The company was started by Rudolph and Gene Orkisz in a family home in Bridgeport 47 years ago and now occupies five facilities across the country employing over 500. The Canal Street facility is is the corporate headquarters as well as the Northeast manufacturing facility and distribution center. You can learn more about the company and their innovative products on their website at InlinePlastics.com.

Even better than visiting the website will be your opportunity to sample some of their products this year. We know that many of our runners spend a big part of the rest of their Thanksgiving Day enjoying food, and there is often a lot left over to store. This year you can do so with Inline! In addition to our regular super runners "goody bag", we'll also have a special "Inline Plastics" bag with some samples for you to take home and try out!

Inline Plastics President Thomas Orkisz and daughter Alicia at the announcment of Inline Plastics expanding sponsorship role.


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