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This page contains a listing of "Derbyites" - both those who live here now, and those who are still here in spirit even if their bodies aren't. To add your name to the list click here. If a Web Site is listed, click on the Y to go there. Click on the name to send mail to that person. All those listed on this page have asked to be listed.

Current Residents

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Web Site Name DHS Grad Comments
  Madgic, Carole M. 1953  
Maloy, Kelley 2000 Derby is a great place to live. Everybody knows you. Go Raiders!
  Mantovani, Diana 1971

I am 56 years old and  lived in Derby all of my life. Love it here, everyone is friendly. I have been unemployed for 1 1/2 years, so if anyone knows of a job in the HR/Administrative field, please let me know.

Y marcucio, elaine 1990  
  Michele Mastriani    
  Martinez, Manuel    
  Mascolo, James E. 1995  
  Mastrianni, Michele A    
Mattei, John F. & Jeanne 1966
Mayhew, Garrett Hello everyone, I would just like to say that this is a small yet great town. Go DERBY!
Y Mayhew, Walt 1973 Pastor of Christian Community Church
  McCormick, Shannon, L    
McLiverty, Keith City Treasurer
  McMahon,Barry 1983  
McMahon, Brian M 1972
Millan (Clifford), Diane 1979 Hi Everyone!
  Millea, John & Florence    
Miller, Linda & Todd 1973
  Mohabir, Paul A.    
  Morelli, Robert 1978 derby great city
Y Moscato Jr. Leo P. Jr. 1981 STUDIO 275 Culinary Arts
Mushin, Eileen, C
Musson, Robert J.
  Muzyk, Stan & Dorothy  

Seven children graduated from Derby High School.

  Neri, Cathy & Tony   We're very happy here
  Ndzana, Seme    
Oates, Pat & Kathy
Olenoski, Peter Jr. Go Big Red!
  Onidi, Aaron    
  Onofrio, Dan   Lifetime resident of Derby and member of the Board of Education. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. Have a great day!
  Onofrio, Salvatore, Jr. 1986  
  Orazietti, John F.   3rd ward alderman
  Orazietti, Michael J 2003 Senior football player at DHS.... #30
  Orazietti, Betsy J 1976  
  Orazietti, Thomas Flavio 2001 I am scheduled to graduate today from good old derby high school(written monday, june 18, 2001).......I would just like to thank everyone from this town that has helped shaped me during my life through the good and bad experiences.
  Ortega, William   I am originally from Ciales, Puerto Rico. I just bougth a house here. I think is the most historic and picturesque town in the valley. I love it.
  Pacelli, Francesco   Born in Puglianello, Italy. Have been a resident of Derby since 1971. I always say that Puglianello and Derby are the two best places to live. Daughter Sabrina graduated from DHS in 2001 and son Mario will graduate in 2004.
  Pacelli, Lina   I was born in AMOROSI, Italy. AMOROSI is the larger town, next door to tiny Puglianello, where my husband was born. All the residents of Puglianello visit AMOROSI, because it is the town that has everything, including the open air market every Thursday. I love my birthtown of AMOROSI, and my husband, Francesco, loves his little town of Puglianello. I moved to the U.S. in 1973 and graduated from West Haven High School. We have a daughter, Sabrina, who graduated from DHS in 2001 and a son, Mario, who will graduate in 2004.
  Palazzi, Dorothy J. 1948 I'd never want to live anywhere else and if I did I'd always be back!
  Parizo, Sheila M.    
  Pasquini, Robert 1975 I'm back in Derby! Email me with any of your comments
  Pczonka, Frank 1982  
  Petrino,Sabrina,A 1985 Go Big RED
Pettengill, Marsha&Bruce

Bruce grew up in Derby and I grew up in Seymour (maiden name Cotnoir). Since our marriage, we have lived in Derby most of our lives.

  Pew, David 1981 Just saying "Hi" and trying to keep in touch.
  Picheco Casey L 1989 Born and raised in Derby and have two young children: age 20months & 7 year old: very concerned with school system and future of education.
Y Picroski, Frederick, M Moved to Derby in 1996
  Pisaturo, Tara    
  Poppa, Mike & Cyndi 1980  
  Porrter, Mary 1980 I just bought my home in Derby, I love home the rubber band still works you can’t stay away. I own Angel in Flight cleaning and handy man svc please email for any help needed. Derby residents and any chamber members discounts are avail.
Porto, Chris & Dawn Go Big Red. Derby is a great place to live.
  Preneta-Meyer, Jolene    
  Prihoda, Robert J. 1971  
Pruzinsky, April (Pettengill) member of Derby Cultural Commission
  Frederick T. Rak Jr.    
Rak, John & Monica 1966 - Monica
  Rak, Thomas Jr Lived in derby all my life 31 years , Sell die cast Fire trucks and fire dept related sports wear
  Renfrew, Jessica   We moved to Derby 2 years ago - and bought our beautiful house here last year. Since we both work out of town, we really don't know anyone in the community. Feel free to send me an email - I'd like to get to know some neighbors!
Y Ritter, Randy 1982 Scoutmaster, BSA Troop 3 Derby; Derby Cultural Commission Chairman
  Rivers, Diane    
Rizzitelli, Samuel, M  
  Robinson, Daphne         I just bought a condo in Derby in December 2003, but I love it so far. I'm excited about the renovations downtown; it's a great and quiet city I'm proud to call home.
  Robinson, James R. (Swede) 1963  
  Robinson, Janet M   Superintendent of Derby Public Schools. I welcome your input on how we are doing.
  Roche, Mary A.    
  Rodriguez, Ramon & Evelyn   New to the area from Seymour, We are blessed to be part of this community and look forward to be assistance to anyone looking for prayer for any Godly reason.
Rohland,Shanna,L. 2001 I love everything about Derby. The sports teams are the highlight and I love to go and watch the games. I am a cheerleader and an honor student and Derby is my favorite place to be!
Rolleri, Eugene Jr., J.
  Rosito, Natalie   My fiance, Philip Vetro, Jr., and I moved to Derby in February 2005. We are getting married next April 2006. I grew up in Ansonia and Phil grew up in Milford. We like our new home and neighborhood.
St.Jacques, Mike, T
Santangelo, Bernadette 1995
Santangelo Thomas W 1983
  Santore John M 1984 Glad to be back! Moved in to 61 Seymour Ave Condo's I am a headhunter check out
Searles, Ann M. 1960
  Seefeldt, Bethany    
  Selling, Frank and Elaine   I wouldn't live any where else. Some people still call us carpet baggers but we've been here since 1964!
Shea, Karyn 1988 Live in Ansonia with my boyfriend, Frankie Pczonka-Class of 1982. We would love to hear from our old friends. Email us!!
  Aaron Sill 1988  
  Sill, Ronald 1968 Production Manager at Lifetouch
  Slater, Philip, F.    
Slowik, Ronald 1984 "Pride and Respect" Two things that I will never forget!!!
  Smey, Susan    
  Smith, Beth    
  Smith, Heather R.    
  Smith, Victoria, Rose 2007 I am very happy to be a member of  the town of derby. I have made many friends here an plain to stay a while.
GO BIG RED!!!!!!
  Terry Snell   lived in derby 7 1/2 years. 2 kids in derby public schools
Y Spader, Walter M.
  Solf (Bradfield),  Melissa K. 1994 First class to Graduate from the New High School. My family and I live in Derby and enjoy it. We have out 10 year reunion this year. Doesn't seem possible!
  Steffero/Dobek Elizabeth A. 1981 Lived here in Derby all of my life. My son Ryan DiCamillo has been battling Leukemia and the support that this valley has given Ryan and his family is just wounderful. The love that has poured out from the valley people is truly amzaing. Thank you to all of you and God Bless you for all of your donations,time and prayers.
  Stockmal, Michael 1978 Living in Derby. It's great to be with friends and family.
Stockmal, Stephen M 1986
Stevens, Glenn H.
  Stueckle, Ed    
  Suri, Deepak    
  Szewcyk, Tony D.   Interested in knowing everything about the place
  Tenyi, Kathryn T.   Hi, I am a new resident. I just moved to Derby and I don't know much about the area. Feel free to email me if you live in Derby and are familiar with the town. I'd love to find out about the hot spots!
Teodosio, Peg & Nick new to the net, but long time Derby residents
  Thomas, Dominick J., Jr.   Born on Olivia Street, I have returned to Olivia Street. My late mother's WWII scrapbook has pictures of many Derbyites and stories from the Evening Sentinel and Stars and Stripes. It has the stories of many from the Valley who died in the war. You are welcome to call me at my office (Cohen & Thomas, 735-9521) or e-mail me and come down to see the book.
  Timpko, Kim 1983  
  Tison, Carol Cota 2000 Should have graduated in 2000. I've had an interesting 4 years. I was married at 18, NO KIDS. I currently work for a national Ambulance company in the business offices.
Tomac, Daniel, S. Living here in Derby for the past 5 years. Owner of Tomac Landscaping.
  Torres, Grace, Y 1993  
  Torresi, Ines   I am living in Derby for only two years, at the beginning I thought I would never get used to, but the town and the people are so great that now I loved!!!
  Toscano, Amauri B    

Valentino, Stacey

  I lived in bpt all my life and 2 years ago moved to derby. it was the best decision i ever made and the best choice of education for my son. im glad to be part of derby.
  Vanini Virginia & Cass   We love Derby and the feeling that we have gone back in time.
  Jorge & Ximena Varas    
Veillette, Lori, A 1977
  Vienneau, Pam , A. Crossing Guard at Bradley School
  Voytek, Debra A. 1974 Born and raised in Derby and still here.
  Waters, George   East End Hose Co# 3 Trustee, SCBA Officer. "Support your local Fire Station - Volunteer Today !"
  Walsh, Jack 1964  
  Wilson, Rhonda, I.   I moved to Derby with my husband back in 2000. Since then I still feel very lost being here. It would be great to meet some people to even just hang out with. People here don't seem that friendly so far. Please try to prove me wrong Derby peeps!
  Wilson, Robert    
Wiktor, Ronald, A. Pastor, St. Michael Church, Buffalo Bills fan
Y Williamson, Bernard
  Williamson, Lee 1984 JR Vice Commander VFW Post 10585; Bridgeport Fire Dept.
  Wolfe Connie 2004 The only reason I enjoyed attending DHS is Mr. Charles DiCenso. He was a great principal and I am honored to have been in his last graduating class from DHS.

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