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The Derby Website is always interested in finding out more about what our users think about Derby and giving them an opportunity to participate. Consequently, there are a occasionally a number of quizzes, polls and surveys that give you an opportunity to interact with the Website. The Live Chat section presents the opportunity to speak to others in real time. The room is always open, but you can never be sure if there is anyone there.

Current Polls:

With the start of the new legislative session in Hartford there is much talk about roads and traffic in Connecticut and what can be done about it. One of the main issues is to decide on the best way to pay for the costs of any infrastructure or other changes that will need to be made. As always, that leads to a discussion on bringing back tolls. Tolls were removed from I-95 way back in 1985, but talking of bringing them back resurfaces regularly. Bank in 2009 we asked about bringing them back and our respondents favored bringing them back by a 62-38% margin. How about now - Should tolls be put back on Connecticut roads?


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