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The Waterbury Republican-American's HoopZone has been doing a series of stories on the best basketball players of all time at high schools in their coverage area including Derby. They then selected one male and one female to be part of their Hoop Zone Hall of Fame. They selected Ken Pereiras as their featured boys player and Mary Hyde as their girls player from Derby. Ken was the subject of one of the history quizzes on the Derby website as was Bill Duggan who was also considered by the Waterbury paper.

Trying to select an individual over the entire history of a school is difficult and probably a bit unfair to older players who may not have been seen or heard about by our pollsters. We should note that no Derby girls team has won a state tournament and only the only boys title was won back in 1951. However, we would like to know who you think were the best male and female players to ever play at Derby High School. We've included some names in no particular order, and we have undoubtedly missed others that shoule be considered, so feel free to write in your own choices.

Best Boys Hoopster?


Best Girls Hoopster?

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