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Gilbert Street School

The Gilbert Street School dates back to a time when Derby had multiple school districts served by neighborhood schools. This was the second of two schools that were located on Gilbert Street. The one pictured above closed about the turn of the century - 20th century! When it closed, the students didn't have far to go as the new Franklin School, built in 1902, just down the street took its place. Franklin School still exists, but it was converted into the Franklin Apartments less than a century after it first opened.

Pictures courtesy of the Derby Historical Society

This quiz proved to be especially difficult with a very large number of incorrect answers.

Correct answers were received from: John M. Rak, Nick from Terryville, Ann Searles, Jack Vagnini, Randy Ritter, Mildred Fatterusso, Mary Suess, Joseph DiRienzo, Edward Baclawski, Pat Walania, and L. A. Cwanek.

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