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Leo T. Molloy 

Leo T Molloy pictured above was a product of Derby schools who earned lasting fame as compiler of one of the last great histories of the Valley. In 1935 while working for the old Sentinel, the Emerson Press published "Tercentenary Pictorial and History of the Lower Naugatuck Valley"  to coincide with the the 300th anniversary of the settlement of CT. The book was sponsored by well know philanthropist Frank Gates and much of the history was written by Henry M. Bradley.

Molloy was an active member of the Derby community and served on the board of police commissioners and was a member of both the Knighs of Columbus and the Derby Lodge of Elks.

The book has sections for all the various Valley towns and is full of history as well as pictures and biographies of the leading citizens of the era. Interestingly, for a history book it has neither a table of contents nor an index!

The book can be found in local libraries, and occasionally a paperback or CD version can be found on However, you can read the entire book online by clicking here.

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