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Photo courtesy of Osborne Family Homestead Museum

The Derby Hall of Fame only has humans as members, but if we were to include animals, the bull pictured above would be at the head of the line. Ivanhoe (or sometimes Osbornedale Ivanhoe) has even been referred to as the "Father of the modern Holstein" because of his prodigious stud activity. He was born in 1952 and died in November, 1963.

Holsteins originally arrived in the US from the Netherlands in the 1800's, but imports stopped in the early 1900's. Waldo Stewart Kellogg started breeding cattle on the family dairy farm in Derby after acquiring a prized English bull, and the farm became famous for its contributions to the quality of the Holstein- Friesian bloodline.

Breeding was highly selective in the early days, but major changes took place in the 1950's when artificial insemination was developed. In the new world of breeding this bull became a superstar, and it is estimated that through artificial insemination, he sired up to 100,000 offspring! One site that tracks such things claims that a great grandson of this bull sold $25,000,000 dollars worth of sperm in its lifetime.


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