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The Howard & Barber Department Store was a pillar of the Valley's bustling retail trade from the day that it opened in 1884. Located at 268-270 Main Street, the building still stands today and the ghosts of many a shopper or staff member may still haunt its multiple stories. The building was torn down after this quiz was first posted. See more here, here and here.

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Ornate zinc ceilings graced many of the buildings along Main Street.

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The finely garbed gentlemen of the Valley beat a path to the Garment Room on the second floor.

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Valley children were found their way to Howard & Barber for special occasions including the 65th anniversary in 1949. Santa Claus' lap was particularly popular at holiday time - as several of our quiz entrants remembered their own experiences.

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The information for this quiz came from "Images of America - Derby" edited and published by the Derby Historical Society in 1999. Click here to see how you can get your own copy.

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