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Frances Eliza Osborne Kellogg

Frances Eliza Osborne Kellogg may never have been mayor of Derby, but her impact even in death may have been much greater than if she had been elected. Her home on Hawthorne Avenue is now the Osborne Homestead Museum and the adjacent parcel of land is the Osbornedale State Park. This amazing woman who was "liberated" long before the term came into vogue had the foresight to leave the city a legacy of open space, respect for learning and love of the environment that will be here for generations to come.

The answer to this quiz could have been obtained by simply clicking on Mrs. Kellogg's picture which brings you to a short history of the Osbornes. Of course, you can learn a lot more and enjoy her legacy by visiting the museum, environmental center, state park and Derby Neck Library. We'll assume that all of the following people who submitted answers were just extremely knowledgeable on their own!

Correct answers were submitted by: Wasso Smoile, Andrew DeTullio, April Pruzinsky, Frances Carey, Marsha Petengill, Rick Dunne, Mayor Marc Garofalo, Tom Chebro, C. F. Douglass and Ellen Lenart.

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