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Second Congregational Church







The answer to this quiz could have been found on the Derby home page for the most discerning quiz takers as it is one of the three churches on the Derby Green pictured on the home page. The Second Congregational Church is still an imposing site, but since Hurricane Gloria blew off the top of its steeple in 1985, the steeple has remained in current shortened state - until the new one was installed in June, 2021!

The church was erected by the Birmingham Congregational Society in 1845 for the princely sum of $6,000. The land for the church was donated by Anson G. Phelps and can only be used for church purposes. Dedication of the church took place on January 28, 1846. The members of the new church had formerly been part of the Derby Congregational Church.

Correct answers from this quiz came from : Barbara Jalowiecz, Randy Ritter, Joan Driscoll, Mayor Marc J. Garofalo, Alexander C. Wailionis, Marillyn Mizii, Mary Lou Boroski, Ken Dupke, Jim Bartlett, John M. Rak, Ann Searles, Tom Carey, Marsha Pettengill, Frank Lazowski, Sr., Kristen Jecusco-Casteel, Markanthony Izzo, Dina Weissman, Charlie Stankye Jr., John R. Asp, Carolyn Nowakowski Kovach, and Henry Wajdowicz.

Several others knew about the steeple, but mistakenly called it the First Congregational Church which is actually on the other side of town.

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