Winter Activities in Derby

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A few cold days and a little bit of snow provides some winter recreation opportunities and a chance to escape winter cabin fever. Check out these scenes of some hardy souls enjoying the winter wonderland that envelopes the city when winter reaches its zenith. Click on the photos for larger images or follow the links to even more pictures.

The sun is seen setting over Pickett's Pond within the confines of Osbornedale State Park. Whe the Pond is safely frozen over, the Park is even open and lighted for night skating. Bring some wood and some marshmallows and enjoy a fire in the pavilion. Click here to see more.
Across the street from Osbornedale State Park, many enterprising individuals turn a snow covered slope adjacent to the softball field into their own sledding paradise. Sleds in all sizes and shapes can been spotted on the steep run when conditions are right. Click here to see some people enjoying the snow. sledding.jpg (27865 bytes)
icefishing.jpg (20101 bytes) If you're really into the outdoors, you might want to venture out to the frozen waters of Pink House Cove on the Housatonic River. Click here to see some intrepid fishermen who thrive on the winter cold.
Back in Osbornedale Park again, we run across people cross country skiing and snow shoeing through the snow covered trails. Don't have skis or snow shoes - then try our "virtual" cross country tour of Osbornedale by clicking here. It won't be as nice, but it won't be as cold either! xcountry.jpg (49959 bytes)

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